How to Share the Love: Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Valentine’s Day was never a favourite holiday of mine (at least not until recently).

When I was single, I used to dread it because I knew all the romance shared would not be coming my way…

And when I got married, it still seemed like a silly excuse to spend a lot of money on chocolate, a restaurant, or something even more pricey.  I mean, dates with my husband can be fun, but Valentine’s Day just seemed like a shallow reason to do it.

Maybe you can relate?

Valentine’s Day Can Be Made Fun and Special

But two short years ago, something happened on Valentine’s Day that was both painful (LOL) and very special: my little guy was born.  Now all the love, hearts, and celebrating just seem so appropriate, and I love sharing some of the birthday/Valentine’s love with my little family, my extended family, my friends, and others.

This has helped me to realize that any holiday or even non-occasion, can be made fun and more special by including others in the joy and love.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing the day completely on your significant other if you have one. So if you enjoy spending the holiday that way, go for it.

But whether you are single or married, if you want to think of some fun ways share friendship love and God’s forever love on Valentine’s Day (or sometime Valentine’s week) or any time of the year, read on.

Some Ideas for Sharing the Love

  • gather some single (and/or married) girlfriends and have a fun evening celebrating how awesome you gals are with or without a guy.  Eat lots of dark chocolate, watch a fun movie (maybe not sappy), and create homemade spa products.  I also love the idea of having a card or something for each person, and all the other women need to write down something special about each of the other ladies so each one can take a card full of positive words home to remember how loved she is.
  • do you know someone who might be feeling especially lonely at this time of year?  Maybe you know a widowed man or woman who misses his or her spouse.  Or maybe there’s a special single person on your heart.  Or perhaps you know someone who lives far away and is missing family and friends.  Think about how you can make their day special on Valentine’s Day (or any day) and send them something fun in the mail (or put it on their doorstep) that will remind them they are dearly loved.
  • maybe you are single or your man just doesn’t seem to step it up on Valentine’s Day 🙂  Why not do for others who you would like done for you–and join them in the fun?  Buy yourselves flowers, go out and get pedicures, and eat some yummy dessert somewhere.  Have fun spoiling yourselves once in a while 😉
  • Have a Valentine’s-themed party for anyone and everyone. Invite your neighbourhood to come over and eat strawberries dipped in chocolate, play “pin the heart on the cupid”(?), and maybe give out a challenge to each person to pay forward some kindness this year and get back to you about how it went.
  • the reason we can share love at all is because Father God loved us first–so much that He sent his Son to die and take our guilt and shame on Himself so that we can be adopted into His loving family.  Maybe you’d like to find a concordance or type the word “love” in and find verses that speak to you how much God loves you (I recommend mostly focusing on the New Testament for this one, or you’ll be reading a long list of which Old Testament person loved who).  Write these verses in your own words on a poster and hang it where you can see it and continually remind yourself that you are loved!  You could write them on a card and send them to someone else, as well.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s never the wrong time to share friendship love or God’s forever love with others and spread the joy.  You’ll probably enjoy the holiday more as you seek to make it fun and special for yourself and others.  (And of course, it’s never the wrong time to give some romantic love to your significant other if you have one.)

 I hope these ideas inspire you to “share the love” this Valentine’s Day and beyond with friends, family, and others…

What are your thoughts? Got any other ideas on how to share the love?

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