Start Planning A Summer to Remember [+ Free “My Intentional Summer” Planner ]

Do you ever look back on a season of your life

..maybe a literal season, like spring 2017

…or maybe a more flexible definition of season, such as your daughter’s first year or your time in college…

and wish you had spent the time differently?


Maybe you felt that you did a lot of things that weren’t that important to you or that you neglecting spending quality time with those you wanted to…

Or perhaps you let time go by and didn’t take the steps you hoped you would towards some of the dreams in your heart…

I certainly have felt that way.



Sometimes the way we spent our time may feel partly out of our control, say, if we have demanding boss or a demanding newborn.

But I think most of us–if not all– do have some control over our time and can plan that time with intention so that we will look back and be grateful for how we spent it

–focusing on the people and activities that mean the most to us.

This Summer

As summer is around the corner, I don’t want it to go by without squeezing all the joy I can out of it and paying attention to the people and dreams I have in my heart.

 Although we can’t control all of what happens, we can make the decision to use the time we do have to our best ability to live out our values and focus on what is important to us–so we’ll look back and be happy with how we spent that time.


I created the My Intentional Summer Planner

to help you and I think about what we most value in this coming season–and how we most want to spend our time and who to spend it with.

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Even if you have a full-time job and can’t take a vacation…

or a full-time household full of laundry and cooking duties…

if you think about it ahead of time, I believe you can come up with some ways to include a lot of what’s most important to you in your time.


As I prayerfully began using this planner myself this year, I’ve come up with my top values and began to brainstorm some ideas to make sure that I prioritize them.

Excitement fills me as I think of and choose activities that line up with my values and begin to plan next steps.

I hope and believe this will be a summer to remember!


If you are wondering, my top 5 values for this summer are “growing closer to God”, “family, “new ideas”, “using my abilities” and “reaching out”.

This list might seem cliche–like it’s a list I’m supposed to say–but at this time in my life, these really are the areas that I feel I want to focus on.

And if I do express these values well this summer, rather than just doing whatever comes up, my heart will be full of joy!

What values do you want to express this summer?

As you use the planner and brainstorm activities to go with each of your chosen values, strive to be as realistic, yet optimistic as possible.  it’s easy to go off the deep-end and forget about time, situation, and budget constraints when planning–I’ve certainly done that in the past.  But don’t limit yourself too much, either.

You may be surprised at the wonderful ways you can come up with to express what’s important to you.

For example, just because a trip to Europe probably isn’t going to happen this particular summer for me, doesn’t mean that it can’t be an absolute blast and perhaps even better than a trip like that would be–because my activities will be truly meaningful to me as I meet my goals and express my values.


As  you plan, try to stay flexible and not write things in stone, but at the same time, try to make sure that your values truly are expressed in ways that you will be thankful for when summer is over.

Your plans won’t likely go perfectly, but if you plan your summer with intention, it should become more focused on the people, goals, and activities that mean the most to you.  Even if you aren’t able to do everything you hoped, you are surely making progress, and the more you practice intentionality, the more you’ll feel like you are living life well –the life that you believe God is calling you to.


I pray that when you look back in September, you’ll look back at the summer with a sense of fulfillment and joy!

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What are some of the values you want to express and activities you want to do to express them this summer?  I’d be happy to read them in the comments!


 As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I love to help women grow in confidence and live lives of passion, purpose, and fruitfulness–including this summer!

I’d enjoy helping you do so as well with the deep reflection and gentle accountability that coaching offers.   Set up a free 20-minute Discovery Session (by phone, Skype, or other technology) to see if coaching with me is for you 😉

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