Confessions of a Recovering Messy Mom: Part 3–Some Great Resources to Help You Conquer Your Mess

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So this past month, I’ve been organizing some long-neglected areas of my home.

I was doing this as part of a challenge– one of the “Loving My Actual Life” Monthly Challenges– which are based on the book of the same name by Alexandra Kuykendall.

I knew from the beginning of the year that this challenge was one I badly needed.

(If you want to learn some of the reasons why I think I can have “messy-tendencies”, read my first post in this series here: “Excuses and the Truth”.  Maybe you can relate.)


It was so motivating to have the deadline of showing “before and after” pictures to my newsletter subscribers at the end of the month, that I dove in and finally got organized–and made a huge difference to my basement and office!

I’m sure they look nothing like Martha Steward’s basement and office…

But I am truly thankful and amazed to now have relatively organized spaces in which I can actually easily find what I need!

I’m not yet where I want to be with home organization… I’ve got lots of rooms to go (garage, next?) as well as a lot of maintenance habits to develop, but I am so grateful for the giant leap I’ve taken and the results in my home.

I want the same for you.

If you struggle with cleaning, organizing and general tidying, I’d love to introduce you to some resources that have been helping me.

I’ll tell you right up front that I am an affiliate of one of these resources and author of the other, but these resources have truly been benefiting me, and I believe they can help you, too!

1. “Operation Organization on the Home Front” eWorkbook

Over the last months, I’ve been developing a short e-workbook called Operation Organization on the Home Front to help me and you conquer our home organizing projects.

I’m not a cleaning and organizing aficionado, but I do really enjoy setting goals, planning, and taking a challenge, so I developed this e-book to make it easier and more enjoyable for me to get my messes cleaned up.

Amazingly, it helped so much!

Especially at the beginning of tackling each of the messes, this e-book helped me gain vision for what I wanted in areas of my home, clarity on some of the problems, and little steps to help me do the next thing and make progress… until I was actually enjoying the process.

The e-book is only $3.99 CAD and I think it will help you tackle your own messes in a fun and doable way.

**You may want to buy this alone, but if you’d like it to be included FREE as part of a bundle of resources, read on.** 

Buy the eWorkbook!


2. Conquer the Clutter Super Bundle

After making progress organizing my office and basement, I thought I could use some tips on how to keep them organized.

I noticed that there was a bundle of resources called the Conquer the Clutter Super Bundle and after having a look at the contents, I decided to buy it so I could continue into the rest of the year with success and hopefully help you to as well.

(Make sure you read the rest of this post–especially #3– if you want to know how you can get my e-book + a complementary coaching call included with the bundle.)

I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ve found so many good resources that have already been helping me.

My favourite resources in the bundle so far are:


The Sunday Basket: Weekly Paper Organization and Planning

–by Lisa Woodruff (Professional Organizing Expert)

Between tutoring in ESL, taking notes during various educational webinars, writing business and ministry goals and ideas, and co-managing a household, I have TONS of papers.

Maybe you can relate.

I often feel very demotivated about sorting it all and it tends to end up pushed into piles, rarely to be perused again.

I need a better way, and this e-book seriously seems to have an answer for me–yay!

With colourful pictures, it describes a great-sounding system for organizing all the papers that pile up in a week.  It even makes it look like fun.

So I’ve gotten my basket(s) ready with files in it and I’m ready to tackle the papers soon, putting everything in it’s place and feeling on top of it!


Paperwork: Sorted!

by Chrissy Halton

Okay, you already know why I like this one, as well.  After going through my Sunday Basket, I need places to put all the papers I want to keep, and this e-book should have great tips for this.

Motivated Moms Chore Planner

This chore planner has printable check sheets for chores that happen every day of the week plus some extras so that you make sure to get that fridge cleaned out more than once a year and the blinds clean more than once in a life time.

I think this will be good for me.  And on Sunday, I see one of my chores is to pamper myself.  Sounds good!

The Three Family Systems Every Family Needs

I listened to this “Power of Moms” webinar during an on-line mom-conference and I was very intrigued. Clayton was just a baby at the time, though, so I hadn’t taken many steps to apply the concepts yet.

That’s why I’m happy to have access through the super-bundle to the webinar again to help me remember and apply their wonderful ideas–ideas such as helping kids learn to do little chores and helping parents use some fair rules and consequences that actually work.

It also has ideas for teaching kids about money and about spending meaningful time with the family. My laid-back hubby and I can use all the “system-help” we can get and these ladies rock when it comes to both connecting with kids and organizing our lives 🙂


How to Create Your Own Printables

by Laura Smith.

I’m excited about this e-course, because I enjoy creating printables for my business, and I may enjoy it for my personal life, too.

Wanderlist: Your Travel Planning Toolkit

by Kimberly Tate.

I love travelling, and although we haven’t done a lot in the past few years, this toolkit should come in handy next time we plan to set out.


Meal Planning Made Easy

by Kelly Smith.

The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Cooking

by Crystal Barton

This August 2017, the “Loving My Actual Life” Monthly Challenge is all about meal-planning.  I’m looking forward to applying the ideas in the e-books above in August so I’ll feel more prepared when meal-time rolls around and not be scrambling to make grill-cheese sandwhiches and salad last minute… again. 🙂

There are lots more resources included in this super-bundle which in total is worth $650 U.S., but you only have to pay $50 U.S.

I encourage you to check out the Conquer the Clutter Super Bundle if your home is crying out for some organization and cleaning.  It should help you get it done –and well.

Okay, but do you want to have a coaching call and my e-workbook included for free? Read on.


3. A Complimentary Coaching Call (and my own eWorkbook)

As you’ve probably learned, just buying resources and reading the information doesn’t always lead to change–it’s important to actually apply the concepts …and that can sometimes be tough.

So, I’d like to offer you a complimentary coaching call (+my e-book) to help you do this, if you use my affiliate link to buy the Super-Bundle!

Coaching calls are worth more than the $50 U.S you’ll pay for the bundle, but you’ll be getting an additional $650 U.S. worth of resources to help you, as well.

Coaching can really be one of the big missing links in bringing you success in your goals!

So don’t forget to e-mail me and let me know you bought the Conquer the Clutter Super Bundle bundle using my affiliate link and I’ll be happy to get you on your way to getting your home looking good and organized.  I’ll also send a check-in e-mail later (on a date you decide on), which should really help you with motivation.

If you buy the bundle, you are definitely not obligated to have the coaching call, but I would love to help you.  Encouragement and accountability make SUCH a difference for achieving our goals.


The bundle is available until January 2018, but why not get it now and begin getting that home of yours organized?  

Check out the resources mentioned above and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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