About Me

Hi! My name is Erica Morrison, and I’m happy you joined me here!

I live in Ontario, Canada, and I’m mom to some lively little boys: a four year-old and a 6month old, and am wife to an almost equally lively forty-plus year-old.  I am enjoying the adventure of parenting in the beginning stages.  Although it isn’t always easy, there are many joys to be had!

I am a committed Christ-follower and want to learn to follow Him in everything.  I am also a lover of the outdoors, travel, reading, and learning about other cultures.  I am very interested in social justice and I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, trained by the Christian Christian_Coach_InstituteCoach Institute.

I want to live –and to help you live –a life of passion and purpose that makes a difference for you and for others.   I hope my website, blog, and life coaching services will help you do just that.

Why do I want to help you through my blog and coaching?  In the ups and downs of my life, I’ve also experienced some difficult times in which I felt very stuck, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed.

For example, after university, it was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to do as a career and I ended up feeling caught for years in a line of work that didn’t suit my interests or abilities.

I also struggled with a huge lack of confidence, thinking I couldn’t do the things that were in my heart.

Another area that I later found to be a difficult time was the transition to mommyhood from the work world.  I especially needed to feel fulfilled– like I was making a difference both in and outside parenting– and I longed for more of a community of people to help support me and encourage me as I entered the world of new mommyhood.

Over the years, God has helped me increase in confidence as I learned about His love for me as well as His ability to work through me.  I also feel like I’m on the way to truly living out my calling and dreams, and I’m loving mommyhood!

I’d love to be one of your “people” who can help you more easily traverse some of the transitions in your life, and be an encouragement to you as you reflect on your hopes and dreams, the wonderful person you are, and how you can make a difference, whether that be in career, personal life, or parenting!

Enjoy what you read here on my website and blog.  If you ever have suggestions or questions, or if you’d like to get personal life coaching in an area of your life, let me know by heading to my contact page.  Either way, let’s enjoy the adventure together as we grow in learning about and living a passionfruitful life!

(That’s the shorter version about me.  Keep reading if you want to find out why I named my business “Passionfruitful Life Coaching”)


As a former ESL teacher, I need to explain that “passionfruitful” is not a real word in the dictionary… But the word is composed of some real words that are meaningful to me: “passion” and “fruitful”.

One of the meanings of the word “passion” is “a strong enthusiasm for something”.  And “fruitful” means “to produce good results”.

For me, “passionfruitful” means to use your passions (enthusiasm and strong interests), personality, and strengths to produce good results in your life, the lives of your loved ones, and in the world!

The word “passionfruit” on which the name is based, is also a real word for a fruit. Although relatively new to me, the passionfruit is an interesting fruit for a bunch of reasons:

  1. It is said to have originated in Brazil, which is the country in which my dad was born and raised.
  2. It now grows in many other tropical countries, as well, and is used in various cultural cuisine.
  3. It’s a super-healthy fruit, which I appreciate since one of my passions is nutrition.14847808859_fdb6d93065_q
  4. It is “unique” compared to many fruits I’m used to here in Canada.  I believe that being unique is a good thing.  Aren’t we all?
  5. It was named by Spanish missionaries to South America.  They saw the flower of the passionfruit as symbolic of Jesus and his passion (or deep love for us and suffering) on the cross.  As a Jesus-follower, this is cool to me, even if some of the symbolism seems like a bit of a stretch.
  6. Its name describes how I want to live my own life –using my passions, personality, and strengths to bear “fruit” and make a positive difference in this world.
  7. And, of course, this is what I want to inspire and help you to do!