April: Being Kind to My Body–Health

Want to make progress in your physical health this April?  Have a look at the links below.  

Just a reminder to check in with a health professional if you have any doubts or questions, as I am not a health professional myself.

 Also, remember that this challenge is about “being kind” to your body–so don’t push yourself to hard. Please take baby steps and encourage yourself for every little step!  I plan for one of my blog posts this month to be about loving your body–so watch for that–and let’s focus on doing that, no matter what.


Below are some questions to help you come up with your own doable goals for optimizing your health in April.

April Goal-Setting Questions

Next, you’ll find some more ideas and resources that you might want to use.  

April Ideas and Resources

Then, post your goals in the comments below, if you like, and I’ll be happy to pray for you this April!


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1 thought on “April: Being Kind to My Body–Health

  1. For my goals for April around physical health, first I think I need some more fresh air, so I’m planning to go outside with my toddler twice a week and then do some “Functional Fitness” exercises for about 15 minutes while there (probably in the back yard, or a park). Functional Fitness are simple stretches and exercises that get your muscles ready for real -life activities, like lifting a toddler

    Second, I think I would like to do one more active activity per week, such as go for a bike ride or walk with Clayton (I have a carrier on my bike).

    And third, I would like to find and make 1 – 2 recipes a week that are healthy and that everyone in my family can eat and also hopefully like.

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