April Goal-Setting Questions

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Use these questions to think about what areas you’d like to focus on in your physical health this April and what goals you’d like to set.  

Sitting down with a pen and paper (or typing your responses out) is usually the most effective, rather than simply thinking about it. 

Then check out the link on the bottom for more ideas and resources.


1. How would you rate your health at this time in your life out of 10 (10 meaning “couldn’t be better” and 1 meaning “not good at all”)?

2. What leads you to give it that rating?

3. What are different areas you’d like to improve in your health?  Here are some ideas: nutrition, physical fitness, sleep, using more natural products, getting more fresh air/sunlight, drinking lots of pure water, etc.

4. What hopes for your health do you have?  How would it feel to have optimal health? (Write a few sentences.)

5. What three baby steps can you take this  month to build some new habits in better health?

6. How can you adjust your goals so that you are being realistic? How can you show yourself grace if you don’t meet your goals, yet still get back on track?  How can you make these goals more fun or rewarding for you?

7. Who can you get feedback from about whether these goals sound doable for you? When can you talk with them?

8. Who can help keep you accountable?  (Perhaps the person you thought of for # 7 would be good for this?) What other resources/teammates do you need to be successful?

Now check out some more possible ideas and resources you might like to use!

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