August: 3 Times a Day–Meals

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Hi there!

I’m so glad you joined me on this page to think about you goals around meal-planning for August, 2017.


I certainly need this challenge (just like I really needed the home organization one… are you noticing a theme here?) and I am excited to get started.


I’m so excited, in fact, that I started a bit early in the last weeks of July (to try out some resources for you) and I have to say, I was pleased with my ability to easily get food on the table this evening and even more pleased with how much super-healthy food Clayton (my 2 year old) ate (fish, roasted cauliflower and steamed beans, if you are wondering).


I’ve begun putting into practice a lot of the tips from Kelly Smith’s e-book “Meal-Planning Made Easy” and I’m excited to provide you the link in the resources section (click below) so you can get her helpful free e-book if you want it.


Questions to Help you Set Goals about Meals

Ideas and Resources for August Meals


I’d love for you to check out my goals below in the comments, and I’d love even more for you to add your goals there, too.


Don’t by shy!  I’ll be happy to read them and root for you!




1 thought on “August: 3 Times a Day–Meals

  1. My August goals:
    1. Continue to create a recipe binder based on the tips in Kelly Smith’s e-book, Meal-Planning Made Easy, including a master list of favourite meals (and ones I’d like to try), recipes, and weekly meal-plans and shopping lists to to recycle in later weeks.
    2. Try out freezer cooking, using the e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Cooking” as a resource ; perhaps invite a friend or two to do this with me at my place
    3.Find some great recipes that Clayton (age 2 /12) enjoys a lot and are healthy—especially ones with protein, good fats, and veggies– and serve them to him more often.

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