Live Your Best Life/ Legacy Package


Do you want to discover more of who you are and how you can best make a positive impact on your family, community, and world?  I’d love to help you do this.  I’ll help you learn more about your personality type, reflect on your strengths and abilities, think about your hopes and dreams and who you’d like to impact, and help you set your own goals and begin to take next steps.

This package is for you whether you are:

  • working (or perhaps a stay-at-home parent) and you want to think about how you can use your gifts and abilities to make a difference both in and outside work
  • getting close to retirement and want to think, plan and take steps to prepare for a meaningful life after career that is both enjoyable and helps others
  • or already in retirement and you want to spend it in a way that benefits others and leaves a lasting legacy

I’d be very happy to help you–whatever your life situation–to learn more about yourself, your hopes and your strengths, and how you can live a more fruitful and enjoyable life and legacy!

Any questions?

Contact me (Erica) here or call 519-697-5048 to ask or to book your free 20-minute Discovery Session so we can find out if coaching is for you.

$300 for six 45-minute phone or Skype sessions ($50/session) or $180 for 6 e-mail exchanges ($30/e-mail exchange).

(You will have the option of doing all free assessments or perhaps substituting/adding an assessment or two that cost an additional $13 – $20 U.S. if you think they suit your needs.)