Work-at-Home Mom Exploration Package


Would you love to work from home, but aren’t sure how you can make that happen? Perhaps you have one or more ideas, but feel uncertain of which to choose or how to get started… or maybe you don’t have a clue what you could do.  I’d love to coach you as you think about and strategize what may work for you and your family when it comes to working from home.

In the initial free discovery session, we’ll talk about whether working from home seems like it could be a viable option for you.   Then in subsequent sessions, we’ll talk about your dreams, strengths, and personality, as well as your values and financial goals and what might be some good work-at-home choices for you.

You’ll think about what your next steps will be in the development of a work-at-home job, and you’ll also strategize about how you can best meet your family’s needs and enjoy work/life balance.  I’ll  encourage you and gently hold you accountable as you seek to put your next steps into action.  By the end of the package, you should have a good idea of some great work-at-home options for you and have made some progress in your goals for what to do next to get you there.

Any questions?

Contact me (Erica) at or 519-697-5048 to ask or to book your free 20-minute Discovery Session so we can find out if coaching is for you.

$300 for six 45-minute phone ($50/session) or Skype sessions or $180 for 6 e-mail exchanges ($30/session).  You will also need to buy a DISC personality assessment for $12.95 U.S.