Your Family Has Personality Package


Would you like to learn more about what makes your child(ren) unique, including their personality type, so you can better connect with them?  This coaching package is for anyone whose family is doing okay for the most part, but you would like to take it to the next level.

Whether you have a baby, young children, or older teens/young adults, the “Your Family Has Personality” package will help you learn about and understand your child(ren)’s needs based on their personality type. You’ll also learn about your own personality type and how that influences your parenting (we all have strengths and weaknesses), and that of your partner’s (if you wish).  Then I’ll help you think of goals to help you meet your family members’ needs–as well as your own–and continue to work on building thriving relationships.

Even if you already have a good idea of your family member’s personality types, you’ll still benefit greatly from reflecting on each child’s uniqueness at this time in his or her life and ways you can try to meet their needs, as well as get the encouragement and gentle accountability to make your connection goals happen.

In addition to assessments, you’ll receive printables to write down you and your child(ren)’s personality types, needs, and any goals you have.

This package will help you discover valuable information about your children of any age that you can continue to build on as the years go by.  I greatly look forward to helping you learn about, reflect on, and take steps to meet the needs of the unique members within your family so you can continue to help them thrive in the years to come.


Six 45-minute phone or Skype sessions or 6 e-mail exchanges.

Any questions?

Contact me (Erica) here or call 519-697-5048 to book your complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session so we can find out what you are looking for through coaching.