Creativity Questions

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Here is a definition of creativity from

The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships,or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods,interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination

What do you think?

“Traditions” certainly aren’t always bad, and they can be very meaningful as well.

On the other hand, some traditions can become dry and meaningless if we don’t reevaluate and change it up once in a while.  Sometimes some new, creative ideas are needed to add meaning and enjoyment to your life.

Answer these questions below to help you think of some creativity goals for July.  You probably want to get out a pen and paper because writing your responses down can really help you think the questions through and capture your thoughts.

  1.  What areas of your life are beginning to feel “dry and dull”?  Here are some areas to get you thinking:  your work, your morning routine, your evening routine, your get-togethers with friends, your marriage, your time spent with your kids, your Bible study, your meals, your home, summer time, your birthday or other holiday traditions, your relaxation time…   Write down 3 areas of your life that could possibly use a little creativity.
  2. Now thinking about those 3 areas, what about them is dry and dull?  Why are they like this, do you think?
  3. What do these areas of your life need?  What do you want them to be like?
  4. Now, start brainstorming ideas for each of the 3 areas that will help them become more meaningful, more fun, more enjoyable.  Write as many ideas as you can, even if they are crazy and would never work. This is just to get your creative juices flowing.
  5. Now choose one (or two?) ideas for each area.  How can you make this idea work for you?  Even if one of the “crazy” ideas interests you, how can you make it more doable?
  6. Start to think about some of the details for these ideas.  When can you do this?  Where? How?  What do you need to put them into action?  Who can help you?
  7. Check out some of the Possible Ideas and Resources to get some more ideas, if you like, but don’t feel pressured.  Your initial ideas may be the best for you.
  8. Write three goals down for July to help you work on or complete your three ideas.  Write them in the comments on the July Goals page if you like. I would love that!

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