February: My Peeps–Dates

So this February is all about the people (aka peeps) in our lives and having fun and connecting better with them!

Because when it comes down to it, enjoying our actual lives often has a lot to do with our relationships.  When we are lonely or in a tiff with someone, the quality of our lives diminishes; but when we have great relationships where we can be vulnerable and feel accepted and like we are adding joy to other’s lives, life often gets rosier.

So let’s set some goals for February to help us both improve the relationships we do have, and perhaps look outside our normal groups to ways we can form new relationships, both for our own benefit and for others.

I want to encourage you in your goals this month.  Remember that if a certain goal doesn’t work the way you hoped (say, there was a huge snowstorm that keeps you from going on your planned date), try rescheduling and using the time in a different way.  Also, remember that mistakes and “failures” are just chances to learn and grow so you can make progress in your relationships and personal life.  Hopefully your plans will go fantastically, but either way, good for you for the efforts!

Steps to Setting Your Goals for February:

So, start with going through the awareness questions below to think about what goals you’d like to set for February.  Then, if you want more ideas, click on the possible ideas and resources below.  Awesome!

Finally, I”d be pleased as punch if you write your goals in the comments.  But either way, I’ll keep all you readers in my prayers.  Thanks! (If you have any questions about all this, you can contact me here).

February Awareness Questions

February Possible Ideas and Resources

1 thought on “February: My Peeps–Dates

  1. Hi everyone! So here are my goals for February (again, don’t feel you have to write as much as I do. Just a sentence for each goal is fine. I am just because I’m trying to explain my thoughts and hopefully inspire you.)

    #1. My husband and I have been married for 5 years, and our relationship can sometimes be a little ho-hum when we don’t intentionally invest in it. So, I’m challenging myself to make a list of lots of things to do for him, such as “put a chocolate with a note secretly in his lunch” and “tell him 3 good things about himself”.

    I plan to check off the list–doing one thing each day (at least on weekdays). I won’t tell him what I’m up to and see the results. We’ll probably go on a date around Valentine’s Day, too, and since he recently mentioned a new Hungarian restaurant, maybe we’ll go there.

    #2. I’m a “work-at-home mom” so I spend a lot of time with my little guy. But often it’s just doing “normal” stuff, like chores, errands, and visiting other people (along with playgroups and tons of book-reading with him at his request).

    So I’m going to make a list of some things to do once a week with him that are silly and will add more fun. For example, I love the idea of blowing up tons of balloons and just playing together with them. It’s his birthday this month, so that one should be easy since I”ll be doing a bit of balloon blowing anyways. Also, I like the idea of having lunch on a picnic blanket in the middle of the living room… hopefully he won’t start to expect that every time, though 🙂

    #3. I’ve been wanting to find a woman’s (or mixed) Bible Study group for a while now, but it’s been hard to find one that coordinates with my schedule since my son still prefers me at bedtime. I think I’ll be more intentional about finding one, though, and even try an on-line group study, which I noticed recently.

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