February Possible Ideas and Resources

Here are some possible ideas and resources for you as you set your goals for February.  (A few of the resources are affiliate links. You can check out my affiliate policy here.) If you already know what you want to do, no problem, but maybe the ideas below will provide some additional inspiration:

  1. In Loving My Actual Life, Alexandra Kuykendall writes that she set a goal for the month to have one “date” per day with someone in her close circle.  By this, she meant seizing the moments and using them to really spend time with her family members.  You might want to simply make your ordinary days more special by really setting time each day to spend with those around you, rather than gravitating towards technology or work so much.  You could practice really listening to your loved ones, as well as giving empathy and encouragement to help your people feel loved.
  2. As I mentioned before, the 5 Love Languages Assessment is a great resource to learn more about yourself and the people around you.  Someone’s primary love language could be quality time, words of affirmation, touch, gifts, or acts of service.  All the love languages are good, and when you understand which a person has, you can more easily help them to feel loved by you.  Just press the “Learn Your Love Language” button and go from there. This assessment is quite short, simple and free and has been helpful to me for better understanding my family members and friends as well. It can be used for anyone over 5 years old, but really could be helpful for younger ones, as well–it just may be harder to pinpoint their love language the younger they are, though.  You may later even want to buy one of the 5 Love Languages books by Gary Smalley to help give you more ideas, but there are likely plenty of ideas on the internet, as well.
  3. I love these ideas by Katie Horner of Paradise Praises for having fun with kids. Sometimes we all just need to be silly and laugh!  Many of these ideas could be great for adding fun to any relationship–from friends, siblings, nieces and nephews, romantic relationships–anyone!  Or maybe you have some fun ideas yourself.  I’d love to hear about them.
  4.  Here are 101 Creative Date Ideas!  Again, these may have been originally directed towards couples, but many of them are just fun ideas you could use for time with friends, kids, anyone….
  5. If some of your loved ones live far away, are there some creative ways you could connect with them?  Perhaps you could have a fun “Skype” date where you both prepare a snack or meal and converse together while eating it.  Maybe you could write an old-fashioned letter and include some (gasp!) printed photos or send a fun package of little things they might enjoy.  Maybe you have some other great ideas.
  6. As you know, February in North America is Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps you want to make this the day to spend with your significant other, but maybe instead you could spend it with your girlfriends and celebrate each other as being wonderful with or without a guy.  You could invite your single girlfriends and married ones as well, and do some special girl activities that will help everyone to know that they are treasured.  For example, you could make homemade spa products and give each other facials and do each other’s nails.  You could watch a fun movie (maybe not too sappy–remember, you don’t need a guy to be complete), and eat lots of healthy dark chocolate 🙂  You could also give each woman an empty card and then pass them around and write something that you like about each person.  That way, each woman gets a card full of affirmations about who they are. You could include a Bible verse in there about how loved they are by God.  How special would that be?  I haven’t done this kind of Valentine’s Party yet, but I think it would be great!  Let me know if you do it how it went!
  7. If you are feeling lonely and wish you had a significant other in your life, here are some books that especially encouraged me in my single years.  Singleness can be awesomely fun and a time of wonderful growth and great friendships.  But I know that for some of us, we eventually start to wish for someone else to share life with.  Anyways, here are two books I’d suggest:  What to Do Until Love Find You: The Bestselling Guide to Preparing Yourself for Your Perfect Mate by Michelle McKinney Hammond  (Michelle has a lot of great books for singles.  This one is more about enjoying single life, pursuing God, and preparing for your man, but she has many other books about dating).  Here’s another great book:  How to Get a Date Worth Keeping by Dr. Henry Cloud  (Dr. Henry Cloud also has many good books for singles).
  8.  Last, perhaps you want to think about how to add more great relationships to your life.  You might want to join a club that participates in a hobby you enjoy (eg. travelling, knitting, or badminton), maybe join a Bible study or group of people in your life-stage, or perhaps you want to look for a fun volunteer opportunity.
  9. As always, if you would be interested in personal coaching by phone or Skype to help you set goals in the area and to make them happen, I’d love to coach you.  Coaching for “Love My Actual Life” participants is only $20 per 45-minute session.  You can check out my packages here, but I can also customize one for you.  If you have a family, you may be interested in the wonderful package called “Your Family Has Personality!“.  If you are interested in coaching on any topic,  contact me for a complimentary 20 -minute Discovery Session to see if it is something you want to pursue.