If you are joining part way through the challenges–welcome!

I so glad you joined us!  You can join the challenges at any time during the year of 2017, but I hope you can join in as many months as possible.

A. First, follow the instructions under “How to Begin” on the Hub Page.

B.  1. Next, you can decide if you want to join in the month you are in now or wait until the next month. If it’s near the beginning or halfway through the month, go ahead and click on the month we are in now on the Hub Page. Read the questions and ideas and then set some realistic goals based on the theme that you believe you could complete in the remaining weeks of this month.

2. Or you can wait for the last week of this month (when the link for the next month will go live) and then read the questions and ideas for the next month and begin planning your one to three goals. 

You’ll receive an e-mail from me near the last week of each month which will describe the next month’s challenge and invite you to join us.

Thanks for joining and I hope you’ll find inspiration and encouragement as you join the challenges!