Inter-Cultural Competence Training and/or Coaching Packages

Are you someone who wants to help those of other cultures feel more welcome and included in your organization, team, or school?  

Or maybe you want learn how to personally better serve or interact with those of other cultures.

I am a Certified Diversity Trainer, as well as a Certified Professional Life Coach, and I help teams (and/or individuals) become more “inter-culturally competent” as you strive to make those of all cultures feel welcome, included, and empowered.

“Inter-culturally competence” training means that I help you (and your team) grow in awareness of your own cultural biases and to become more understanding towards the cultures and biases of others.

I help you think about ways to create win-win situations with those around you from various cultures and how you can take positive steps to make them happen.

As well as training in inter-cultural competency which gives you the skills to move forward, I offer individual or group coaching to help you process your own unique situations, set goals for yourselves, and take strides to reach win-win solutions.

I also help you to feel accountable to the goals you’ve set, to reassess as you go along, and to continue to make progress in creating thriving culturally-diverse teams, schools, and organizations.

See how I can help you.  

Contact me or book a 20-minute Discovery Session and I will send you information about what services I can offer for your unique situation/organization as well as prices according to your needs.  You can also ask any other questions you have.