January Awareness Questions

Here are some questions to help you think through what one to three goals you might want to set around the theme of “quiet” this January.  I suggest getting out a pen or pencil and writing your responses. Writing can really help us process and remember what we are thinking.

  1. How quiet would you say your life is right now from 1 – 10; 1 meaning super-silent (maybe too silent at times?) and 10 meaning knock-your-socks-off loud and crazy?
  2. How much quiet would you love to have, again rate it from 1 – 10; 1 meaning super-silent and 10 meaning knock-your-socks-off… you get the idea?
  3. What are some reasons you might want more quiet in your life?  What might some of those quiet times look like?
  4. If there is a difference between what you have and what you desire, what are some of the things that are winter-20234_1280preventing you from getting that quiet?  Write down as many reasons as you can think of. (If you think you have more quiet than you desire, see #6.)
  5. What are some ways you might realistically be able to work through some of the obstacles and add more quiet to your life?  Brainstorm and write down a bunch of ways (maybe 10?) even if some of them seem to not be possible.  What can you drop or change to get more quiet?
  6. Even if your life is a lot quieter than you wish, how could you use some of the quiet more meaningfully to help your body, mind and spirit?  Again, brainstorm a bunch of ways.  (If the source of your quiet is a lack of meaningful time with people, we’ll look at ways that you can perhaps take steps to add more quality time with friends, family, and others in February.  You may want to start this in January, too, if that is a real need for you.)
  7. Look at your list of ideas and challenge yourself to choose 2 or 3 ways that you can either add more quiet or use your quiet moments in more meaningful ways.  Again, there are certainly life circumstances that can make it truly difficult to find quiet, and I want to mention again the circumstance of having a new baby in the house.  Don’t despair if you have no idea of how to get more stillness and silence…. this is common, and the time will come in the future when it may become easier.  But for now, maybe you have some little ideas?