July: Love is in the Details–Creativity

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Aah, creativity.

Some people love this word.

Other people hate it.

The problem is that sometimes our definition of “creativity” is too narrow.  Although the definition includes things like painting, knitting, and flower arranging, it really can encompass so much more!

The truth is: you ARE creative!

This July, let’s have a look at the different ways we can be creative, venture out in some areas we may not have tried before, and add some creative “spice” to some of the duller areas of our lives.

I believe we’ll all be blessed!

Here are some Questions to help you to get thinking of what areas in your life need a little creativity.

And here are some Possible Ideas and Resources to help light some creative sparks.

Then feel free to add your goals for creativity in the comments below under mine!  Looking forward to it!

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1 thought on “July: Love is in the Details–Creativity

  1. So for my July creativity goals, I plan to build upon some of my goals from previous months:
    First, since I’m almost done getting my office more organized (which was one of my June home organization goals), I think I’ll add to that by trying to make it look good, too. So a little creative decorating.
    Second, two months ago my goal was to have a date with my husband once a month. I still need to push myself to get this done since it often ends up on the back-burner. So this month I’m hoping we’ll sit down together and brainstorm some fun date ideas and then check them off each month.
    And third, I want to apply my creativity to planning this blog as well as some other coaching ideas that are in the works. So that’s already going on, but it will be good to include it with my goals, I think, to help me ramp up my creativity and do my best 🙂

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