June: Home Organization–Pushing Through The Piles

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Welcome to the June Goals page!

Do you need to push through some piles, too?

I confess that this is a huge need in my home, in some rooms in particular.

You see, cleaning and organizing are not my favourite things.  I do a pretty good job in the main area of my house (before guests come over especially), but there are some other less seen rooms that need a lot of work.

I do see the importance of have a more tidy and organized house in general, though, and I want to get going in this area of my life.

I’ve been preparing in May for the June challenge and am excited about the progress I’ve been making and the habits I’ve been forming.

I also have been developing what I think is a great freebie to help both you and I with this.

So, if you like, have a look at the Questions to Help with Goal-Setting below to get you thinking about where and how you can start in your home organization.  Then have a glance at the June Possible Ideas Resources, and make sure to pick up your free copy of my e-book, as well.

And finally, I’d be tickled if you wrote down your one to three goals for home organization below in the comments.  (Announcing it publicly can often help with motivation to achieve your goals, and I’ll also include you in my prayers.)

Have a look in the comments at my goals, too 🙂

I hope you find succcess as you seek to organize areas of your home!

Questions to Help With Goal-Setting

June Possible Ideas and Resources

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1 thought on “June: Home Organization–Pushing Through The Piles

  1. My goals for organizing my home: I plan to focus on two areas this June: my office and the basement.

    I would like my office to look neat, attractive, and inspiring to me for when I do my work. I’d like to be able to find things easily, as well.
    As for the basement, I’d like it to look much more orderly, so that things are easy to find, and so it’s much easier to walk down there. Perhaps in the future it could be a place for a ping-pong table, if I can make room for that.

    Here are a few of my next steps:

    Office: go to thrift store and garage sales and try to find nice-ish cabinets to go under my desk. I can label the drawers and put things that I need in their appropriate drawer, rather than all over my desk (it doesn’t have any drawers). I’d like to continue to go through papers and stuff and get read of what isn’t needed. And I’d like to take things down from the walls and put up what would make it a more attractive space.

    Basement: I plan to look for plastic shelving units and large garbage cans to put things like hockey sticks and golf clubs in. I hope to have my mom over (who is quite good at organizing) to help me strategize and then to care for my son while I get to work. I hope to have more defined areas in the basement, such as ones for sports stuff, holiday stuff, camping stuff, building materials, etc. I hope to get everything off the floor and to perhaps set up a ping-pong table one day.

    So those are my goals and next steps for June. I hope that by the end of June, both of these areas will be much more organized and pleasing to the eye 🙂

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