March: First Things First–Mornings

Here we are in the third month of the year.  Spring is coming soon!

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The challenge for the month of March is to set 3 goals having to do with the topic of “First Things First–Mornings”.

Alexandra Kuykendall said in her book Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What’s Right in Front of Me, “I will be intentional about my first few waking hours to see if it improves my attitude and productivity the rest of the day.” 

The way we start our day can make a huge difference in how our day goes.  And great mornings habits can really help us build a life of achieving our goals and dreams, as well.

Alexandra’s goals were:  getting up before the others in her house, being fully dressed before 8:30 am, and streamlining her routines for breakfast prep and leaving the house.  What will your goals be?

In the last two years after Clayton has been born, many of my mornings have been a blur, and it’s been more difficult to make time for the habits I want.  But I do believe that now that Clayton is two years old, I should be able to make my mornings more predictable to some degree (I emphasize the word “should”).  As you can see, this challenge is as good for me as it probably is for you.

Let’s get started!

Steps to Setting Your Goals for March:

So, start with going through the awareness questions below to think about what goals you’d like to set for February.  Then, if you want more ideas, check out the possible ideas and resources below.

Finally, I’d love it if you’d write your goals in the comments below, if you want.  (If you have any questions about all this, you can contact me here).

March Awareness Questions

March Possible Ideas and Resources

**I want to suggest that once you’ve thought of a few goals, bounce them off a good friend.  Are they too hard? Too easy?   Have you thought through what to do if a goal doesn’t seem to be working for you?  How can you make this goal more fun?

Then feel free to add your goals below, if you like. 🙂



1 thought on “March: First Things First–Mornings

  1. Hi Challengers!
    So I ran my potential goals for March past a friend to get her thoughts on whether they were realistic, and here they are. Mine are pretty much all spiritual in nature, but yours can include other areas of your life as well. At the moment, those are the goals I think I need, and I already do some things that I feel are working for me in other areas, like set out my and Clayton’s clothes in the evening so they are ready to go in the morning, etc.

    1. I want to begin every day with praise, thanking God for who He is and everything He has done for me. I believe this will help me start my days with joy and the right perspective instead of being tempted to complain. I may use music if Clayton is up, or I may quietly sit by a window if he isn’t.

    2. Before March begins, I want to make some “proclamation cards”. This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Our words have power to influence our attitudes and actions and if we want them to line up with what God wants for us, then it’s important to speak that out loud at times. So I’m going to make a list of things I believe God wants me to believe, such as “I am a great mom!” and “I love God so much and desire to serve Him in everything.” (If you’d like a copy of some proclamation cards (free) that you can adjust for your situation, see the “Possible Resources” on this page.)

    3. I could decide to get up earlier, but at the moment it’s been difficult with a toddler since he has a tendency to wake up when I get up anyways because we bed-share (yes, it’s true). Also, it’s a bit unpredictable when he’d wake up anyways…sometimes it’s really early, sometimes it’s late. So rather than making my mornings a time to do Bible study, I plan to do that at his nap times in the afternoon, or in the evenings after he’s in bed if he skips his nap. In the morning I hope to simply pray over the truths I’ve been studying and ask God to help me apply them to my life today.

    So that’s that. I think these goals will continue to help me get in the right frame of mind in the morning and help me start my day well.
    Please don’t be intimidated to write down your goals here, no matter how “unspiritual” or small they seem. I’m rooting for you and whatever you set should be right for you!

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