May Awareness Questions: Adventure

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  1. First, let’s think about what areas of your life within you may need some more adventure.  Rate each area below between 1 – 10 for how satisfied you are with the level of “adventure” in that area.
  • home life __
  • work life ___
  • food ___
  • friendships ___
  • relationship with God ___
  • relationship with extended family ____
  • hobbies, relaxation, fun ___
  • if married, relationship with husband ____
  • if single, your satisfaction with being single ____
  • if a parent, your relationship with each of your kids _____   ______   ______   ______
  • chores/responsibilities ____
  • making a difference in this world ___
  • other areas you can think of:   ______________________________________________

2.  Now look at the list and find the 3 areas that you rated the lowest for satisfaction in the “adventure” level.

3.  For each of these, what is it that caused you to rate this area lower than the others?  Try to write a few points for each one.

4. Now for each area, prayerfully ask God, “What do you want for this area of my life?”  Think about it and write down some thoughts, since your heart’s desires are often from Him.

5. Now it’s time to brainstorm.  Write down as many ideas as you can for each area of how you could increase the adventure in this area.  Write some “crazy” ideas, some super-easy ideas, and some in-between ideas.  You don’t have to put any of them into action (yet).  Just write ’em down 🙂

6. Now again prayerfully try to choose some ideas that sound realistic, yet definitely heading in the direction you want to go with this.  Write down one or two ideas for each area.

7.  Think about how you could realistically implement the ideas (in the month of May or beyond) and then talk about your ideas with a trusted friend.  The friend should be encouraging, yet truthful about whether your plan sounds realistic enough.  You don’t want a “negative Nelly” who is going to shoot down the desires of your heart; you want someone who believes in you and the dreams God has put in your heart.  But you also want someone who will be realistic about helping you get there in a way that will work for you.

8.  Think about your first little step in each area.  Write them down on your calendar for when you want to take this step to “try out and find out”.  Ask your trusted friend to get back to you in a week or so to ask you how these steps are going and if they need to be adjusted.

9.  Keep walking and don’t give up.  Often our dreams don’t come easily, but take a lot of perseverance, prayer, and patience.  But hopefully you’ll have some little victories to encourage you.  Keep reevaluating and taking those little steps.

10.  Enjoy the adventure!

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[If you aren’t sure who could be a good trusted friend to you who will be both encouraging and realistic, I’d love to be that for you.  As a life coach, I would help you think about areas of your life you’d like to adventure and how to realistically do so.  I’d also love to help you discover your strengths and gently hold you accountable to your goals.  All my coaching sessions are by phone, Skype, or similar technology.  Set up a 20-Minute Discovery Session by phone or Skype to see if life coaching is for you. (All my coaching sessions are by phone, Skype, or similar technology).]