May Ideas and Resources

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Possible Ideas:

Okay, here are some additional possible ideas for adding more adventure to your life.  Remember that though it may sound fun to do them all this month, that will probably make you way too busy 🙂  So it’s probably best to choose some for right now and leave others you are interested in for later.

  • join a group that does something you are interested in:  a certain hobby, a singles or moms group, a Bible study, a sport, etc.
  • use the month of May to plan for some fun adventures this summer.  Set some great goals and think about what would be both fun, but also meaningful to you.  If you have kids, you can also help them set goals –see Kat Lee’s Summer of Purpose tips in the resource section below.  If you have teens, see Rich Christiansen’s tips below  for helping them set their own fun meaningful goals, as well.
  • plan a quiet retreat to get away and spend time with God and reflect on your life (see below for a resource).
  • write a “Bucket List” of things you’d love to do before you die.  Choose one or two that you could do this May or this year.
  • create a list of free or very cheap fun activities that you could do with friends or family and pick one or two to do this month
  • if you have kids, create a list of fun activities to do on rainy days and put together some inexpensive supplies so they can have some adventures at home
  • think about an issue in this world that you are passionate about–a problem that you want to help.  Brainstorm ways that you could begin to do this, and choose one two things to do this month.  Maybe you could you do a fun fundraiser or another activity that will begin to make a difference. 🙂
  • what latent talents do you have that you want to try out?  What is a baby step you could take to beginning to use them. Could you take a class? Read a book or blog on it?  Begin a project?  How can you use this talent to make a difference?
  • what goals could you set with family or friends that could bring adventure and make a difference in others lives?

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Possible Resources:

(Some of the resources below are affiliate links which means if you choose to purchase the product through my link, I’ll receive a portion to help with my blog and family budget.  See my affiliate policy here.)

  1. This is such a wonderful book that will help you think about the things you are good at and enjoy and how your dreams can intersect with the needs of the world:

Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot by Max Lucado  (American Amazon link)

Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot by Max Lucado (Canadian Amazon link)

2. Here are some free summer-planning resources from Inspired to Action by Kat Lee.  They are directed at moms but may be useful for anyone as you seek to set goals in different categories (see especially #4)

Summer of Purpose: Summer Planning For Families

3. Have you ever dreamed of going on a Missions Trip? There are many great options out there, but I believe Operational Mobilization is one of the best.  Have a look and see if there are any opportunities (from one week to 6 months) that interest you.

(When considering missions trips, remember to really check out the organization you’d be going with–that they are “helping without hurting”. It’s possible to actually harm people by doing for them what they’d be able to (and proud to) do themselves.  That said, there are many great ideas out there that empower people, instead.)

4. In attending an “On-Line Mom’s Conference” two years ago, I heard Rich Christiansen talk about how he created great relationships with his teens and how he got his teens set their own fun, meaningful goals for the summer.  The teens do this every year and have a blast checking off their wild and crazy goals with their friends–and often some of the goals help other people.  And this kind of list doesn’t have to just be for teens–you or I could do the same!

The notes about the interview are below. They are a little disjointed, but hopefully can help you (see the short section called “How do you set goals as a family.”)

For more amazing books by Rich Christiansen about building great (and fun) relationships with your teens, see his book,  The Truth About Teens and/or take the free 7-Day Teen-Parent Challenge. 


5. Again, this free resource is directed at moms (sorry about that) but any woman can for sure benefit from these tips about taking a retreat:

Refreshed Motherhood: The Importance of Retreating

6. And, of course, as a life coach, I’d love to help you add more adventure to your life.  I, too, have gone through times when I felt like life was passing me by and my gifts and interests were lying dormant… and I was bored.  I’d love to help you uncover your gifts and interests and take little steps towards using them.

Book a free 20-Minute Discovery Session so I can hear about your needs and you can learn better if life coaching is for you. (All my sessions take place over the phone, Skype, or similar technology.)

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