Free Passion and Purpose 5-Day Video E-Course

Do you feel like you are meant for more….

but you aren’t sure what?


Do you want to do something with your life that makes a difference?


Do you want to figure out more about who you are and how you could make that difference?


Hi! My name is Erica Morrison.

I created the FREE Passion and Purpose 5-Day Video E-course:


  • to help you grow in your passion for God…

  • as you learn about His passion for you…

  • and to continue to discover your specific purpose…

  • so you can begin to live it out one little step at a time!


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 What’s Included?


This short free e-course includes:


A. Five (approx.) 5-minute videos [+an intro and bonus video]

delivered by e-mail every 2 days on the following topics:


  1. The Passion of God for You

  2. Nurturing your Passion for God

  3. Pinpointing Your Strengths and Passions

  4. Your Experiences and Even Your Weaknesses

  5. You Purpose and Next Steps


B. Downloadable worksheets

for each day to help you work through the concepts and apply them to your life


C. A challenge each day to e-mail me— if you like– some of your responses.

This will help provide motivation and encouragement since I will read them all and also try to respond each day–and I’ll include your responses in my prayers.


D. Some information about life coaching

in a final e-mail–and an GREAT DEAL on a life coaching package– for you if you are interested. (But no pressure.)


 I hope that the free e-course  benefits you as you seek to find your passions and purpose and to live them out!

(Please let me know if you have any technical issues or any suggestions you have at any time.)

Sign up below 🙂  Thanks and enjoy!

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