Possible Ideas and Resources for July

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“Creativity is about doing things with your own flair” (page 144, Kuykendall).

Here are some further ideas to spark your creativity in July:

  1.  Maybe you want to better decorate an area of your home, do some creative planning in the garden or learn a new hobby (whether it’s a traditionally “creative” hobby or not).  Or maybe you want to think of next steps towards a dream you have.

2. Along the lines of the “traditional” definition of creativity, maybe you want to try your hand at creating hand-lettering.  You can see a beginner lesson how here, as well as sign up for all kinds of artsy stuff.

Hand Lettering 101


3. If you are married and your relationship with your husband is feeling a bit dull (or you just want ideas for spending time with friends or a boyfriend) perhaps you want to check out these fun, creative, and inexpensive date ideas and make some of them happen.


4.One way to add some creative insight in your Bible study could be “Bible journaling”. Have a look at how here:

Why you Need to Micro Bible Journal in Your Bible


5. If you have kids and they’d like to get creative, but you don’t like the mess, here’s a blog post to help you:

Get over the Mess!

6. Also, here’s some great ideas to have some creative fun with your kids–or really anyone– this summer!

50 Free (or Cheap) Adventures Kids Can Have This Summer (+ a free summer adventure journal)

7.  And finally, as always, I want to mention that if you have some goals in your life that you want to reach, whether in your personal or professional life, I’d love to help you get creative in reaching your goals.  You can book a 20-minute Discovery call here to learn more and see if life coaching is for you!

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