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If you are stuck on ideas for your goals for August, have a look below.

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As Kelly Smith says in her e-book “Meal-Planning Made Easy” (see below in Possible Resources), it’s good to take baby steps with this if you decide to try out meal-planning.

If this is new to you, it’s probably best to plan a few meals a week, rather than every single one.

I wouldn’t call myself a complete meal-planning newbie, but probably a beginner, so I’m going to try to implement my goals a bit in the first week, increase it in the second week, and so on.


A. Beginner?

Maybe you are truly a beginner cook and you just want to try a few new recipes in the coming month. Perhaps you want to serve something to a friend or a group of people and give yourself some experience in hosting. Or maybe you want to take one meal to a potluck. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the spoils on your own.

If you struggle with knowing what on earth is actually healthy, check out some of the resources below in the Resource section.

B. Struggle with Motivation?

In my experience, when I was single (and whenever my husband isn’t around), I felt way less motivated to put in the effort to cook a good meal. If you have this struggle, developing habits of planning and prepping ahead of time could probably make meal-making much easier for you.

You might want to try creating freezer meals ahead of time to pop in the oven when you get home (see the e-book on Freezer Cooking in the resources section below).

Or maybe you want to begin inviting someone over more often to cook for.

Or you could plan to cook together with someone on a weekend and then each take your ready-made meals home. Fun!


Want to Be a Meal-Planning Ninja?

C. Whether you are single or have many to cook for, you may want to go the whole she-bang and begin some great meal-planing habits that will continue after August. Here are some steps I’ve gleaned from Kelly Smith’s e-book (see below in Possible Resources) as well as my own experience:

  1. Brainstorm a bunch of ideas for meals that meet your needs: ones that are nutritious, that you and your family like, and that meet your cost needs as well as the speed you want to get things on the table. Some of you may not mind trying an involved recipe, while others of you want quick, simple and done. Finding foods that meet all these categories might sound impossible, but I don’t think it is.
  2. Think about what you’d like to try this coming week (or the first week in August). Perhaps you want to mostly stick to the tried and true or perhaps you want to try a new recipe or two. Checking your fridge and pantry for what’s available (and so you can make sure to use up things before they go bad) and checking the flyers may be wise so you can be as cost-effective as possible. Then plan what meals you’d like to make.
  3. Either schedule them into your week right away, planning out when you’d like to make and eat each meal, or simply keep your list handing in to look at in the morning (or the night before) so you can choose what might be best that day.
  4. Go shopping a day or so ahead so you’ve got all your ingredients ready.
  5. Kelly Smith also suggests prepping ingredients ahead of time, such as cutting up meat and veggies. I don’t normally do this, but I think I’m going to give it a shot—perhaps on the Saturday or Sunday before.
  6. Plan what to do with left-overs, including using ingredients in a different way the second time (eg. roasted chicken the first night, and stir-fried chicken the second). You may even want to cook a double-batch to save you time later, which is something I want to continue to try to do.

Evaluate how things are going and adjust. Try not to bite off more than you can chew (literally and figuratively) but also celebrate your little and big successes.If something’s not working, maybe make a smaller goal for the next week. And if you really bomb a meal or everyone hates it, don’t be hard on yourself. We all do this. Count it as a funny story to tell one day, and try something easier or something more likely to be enjoyed next time. Good work!

Possible Resources for You

Conquer the Clutter Super Bundle

This bundle of e-books and courses includes both the Meal Planning Made Easy and Ultimate Guide to Freezer Cooking e-books which are listed separately below.

The great thing about this bundle is that it also includes more than $1000-worth of other resources for $50 U.S. to help you organize your life and home (such as the e-book shown to the left).  I’m using the resources myself and have been finding many of them helpful.

If you buy this bundle through my link, you can also get a complimentary 45 minute coaching call (if you want) to help you with organization (+ a check-in e-mail later on) and you’ll get my e-book “Operation Organization on the Home Front” included, as well.

**If you’d like the coaching call and e-book, just remember to e-mail (or message) me after you buy it, and I’ll get you set up :)**

***If you buy the Parenting Super Bundle mentioned below as well, you’ll have the option of getting the Conquer the Clutter Super Bundle at a discount of $30 US, so don’t buy them separately. First buy the Parenting Super Bundle.***


Free E-Book:   Meal Planning Made Easy

by Kelly Smith of The Nourishing Home.  As I’ve mentioned a bunch of times before, this e-book is free if you subscribe to Kelly Smith’s blog, so I totally recommend that (if you don’t buy the super-bundle above).  Also, she’ll give you four weeks of meal plans, if you have a desire to follow those.  They are grain-free but can easily be adjusted for you if you want to eat grain.


Ultimate Guide to Freezer Cooking     by Crystal Barton.

This is another e-book I am using to help with my meal-planning.  It is also included in the super-bundle above, but if you prefer to only buy it, here is the link.  Here’s Crystal’s description of her e-book: “This ultimate guide contains everything you could possibly want to know about freezer cooking. It will show you exactly how you can save time and money.”


Ultimate Parenting Bundle

Another bundle of excellent resources–this one about parenting– that includes e-books to help with meals specifically for kids.  It also includes more than $1000-worth of parenting resources on topics such as positive (and effective) discipline, activities for kids, and nurturing your own needs as a mom.

This bundle is only available between August 9 – 14, though, so you’ll need to grab it then.  (If you are reading this before that date, you can sign up now at the link to receive an e-mail when it’s ready to buy.) Check it out and see what you think!

Again, with this bundle, I include a complementary 45-minute coaching call to help you with your parenting goals (+ a check-in e-mail).  **So just let me know (by e-mail or Facebook message) if you buy the bundle through this link, and I’ll get back to you to set up a coaching call :)**

***If you buy the Parenting Super Bundle, you’ll also have a chance to get the Conquer the Clutter Super Bundle (mentioned above) at a discount, so don’t buy them separately***


Intoxicated on Life blog

This is one of my favourite places to find great recipes and nutrition tips (as well as info on other topics).  You can get lots here free, but there is also an e-book they’ve written called “Weeding out the Wheat” that I have found helpful. You can get the first chapter free here.


Some of My Own Favourite Recipes

Finally, here is a blog post I wrote with a list of some of favourite yummy and healthy recipes.  Maybe you’ll find something to inspire you! 🙂


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