Questions about Passions

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Here are some questions to get you thinking about what goal(s) you want to set for September.  I recommend that you write down your responses, since that can often help with really drawing them out and coming up with ideas:


  1.  What interests do you have?  Try to write out 3 – 7 of them.  Then put a start besides 1 – 3 that you’d really like to focus on this September.   (If you have trouble with this, I recommend taking my short free Passions and Purpose Video E-Course, which will give you lots of ideas and examples to choose from.
  2. Who would you love to help in this world? List 1 -3 kinds of people or needs that really tug on your heart strings.  If you want to write more, go ahead, and then write a star besides one to two of them.
  3. Now how can you begin to use some of your interests? How can you do it for fun or maybe even an income, and especially, how can you help some of the people you’d like to by living out this passion?
  4. What are some baby steps you could take this September to explore your interests?
  5. What are some baby steps you could take to reach out to some people you’d like to help?
  6. Is there a way to combine #4 and #5?
  7. List some resources and people who could help you.  What can you do next to access those resources/people?
  8. Now list some of your next steps and begin taking a step 🙂


On the Possible Ideas and Resources page, I mention some books (as well as my e-course) which can both help you discover what your passions are and also give you the courage to take steps to living them out.

 I highly recommend them 🙂


 It’s difficult (if not impossible) to truly live out your passions on your own, so I definitely also recommend connecting with encouraging people to help you along the way–for both discovering your passions and putting them into action.  

If you’d like my help, I’d love to do so, as well!  Feel free to contact me to ask about pricing for life coaching (at a big discount for signing up for the “Loving My Actual Life Challenges”).  I’d love to help you figure out and live out your passions!


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