Passionfruitful Life Coaching Schedule and Payment Page

Hi there! Here are the instructions for scheduling your sessions!

20 -Minute Discovery Session:

If you are booking your complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session to get to know me and see if coaching (or ESL tutoring) is for you, press the button “Schedule a Session” below and go from there.

45- Minute Coaching Sessions (or ESL Tutoring):

If you are purchasing regular coaching sessions, and you have already given me your signed Coaching Agreement and Intake From, please press the “Buy Now” button (below) and then follow these instructions:
1.a.  For “Description” please write “Coaching for” + your name.
b.. For “Price Per Item”, write the cost per session (eg. 50) that we agreed on together–do not write a dollar sign ($).
c. Then for “Quantity”, please write the # of sessions you are buying.

d.  Follow the instructions from there.  Thank you!

I will send you an invoice for your records after your payment.

If you ever want to discontinue coaching before you are finished all your sessions, I will be happy to reimburse you for the remaining sessions, or you can choose to use them later.

2.  Next, schedule your next session(s), by pressing the button below.