September: I am Made to Do Great Things–Passions

In the book Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What’s In Front of Me, Alexandra Kuykendall talks about  passions this way:


“I could fill up my days with the ‘shoulds’ on my to-do list.  …. every piece of me can be taken by what needs to be done and I can go entire days without doing what I feel I was made to do… there is something wired in each of us that wants to live on purpose for a purpose…It’s about possibilities. And it’s about what we are each driven to work toward.”


How about you? Do you often feel like your days are overrun with demands and you don’t get to do what you really want to do… what you feel called to do?


Alexandra then says:

“I step back from the ‘crazy busy’ life lest it make me crazy. I pay attention to what gives me a larger purpose in this world.  That thing that makes me say, “I’m made for this!”


Maybe you aren’t sure what you are called to do? I think most of us wrestle with this at many points in our lives.

So maybe you want to use this month to get more clarity on that.

Or maybe you really do have an idea of what you feel called to do, but you just haven’t gotten around to it for various reasons… too much on your plate, lack of courage, etc.

Maybe this month you want to plan on working out some “baby steps” and try out some things and see where they lead.



Discovering and living out your passions–in order to make a difference–I think this is one the most fulfilling things in life.

So check out the Questions about Passions on this page  and the Possible Ideas and Resources on this page.


Write out one to three goals for the month of September, and let’s jump in!  I’m excited to see where this takes you (and me, too)!


And I’d love it if you’d add your goals below in the comments!  Scroll down to read mine 😉



3 thoughts on “September: I am Made to Do Great Things–Passions

  1. So for September, I’d really like to hone in on my biggest passions and see where it goes. I LOVE learning about and helping people from other cultures (such as immigrants), so I’m going to explore a little more what that may look like here in my hometown and nearby.
    I’m also going to be taking a group coaching course, and hope to use that in the example above, as well as in other ways.

    And third, I want to do some social justice work by addressing some ongoing issues some people I know have been experiencing.

  2. I have just returned from an amazing week in Tonga. It made me realise once again how much doing and stressing I get engaged with. I am going to set a goal to be more conscious of being during September and more aware of my sense of devotion and gratitude each day. I will spend at least 20 min each day in meditation or prayer and practice allowing my life to be guided by divine inspiration.

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