Some Suggested Resources You May Want to Use All Year Long

Here are some suggested resources that I’ve found helpful for working on my own goals.  If you think they’d be helpful for you, I hope you enjoy them (at great prices and even free). If not, feel free to find what might work better in your life.

(Some of these resources are affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and choose to buy the product, I receive a small portion of the proceeds to help with the costs of running a blog.)

A. This Sparkle 2017 Goals Planner can really help you get a good start as you prayerfully think about goals for you next year and then divide them up according to the month.  There are some great worksheets for writing down your goals for each specific month, including places to write what tools and resources you might need, accountability partners you could access, and ways to measure your progress.  Like me, you may want to put up the goal sheet for that month where you will see it regularly so it will help you stay inspired and on track.  I also put up a list of my big goals for the year so I stay motivated to complete them as the year goes on.

Goals Planner

B. Want to go deep into one (or more) of your most important goals for the year?  Grace Goals by Arabah Joy will help you seek and find God’s perspective on your goal, access His grace (which has the power to change you) and really do the internal work needed to make meaningful change in your life.











C.  I want to also include here the (free) Passionfruitful Life Monthly Habit Tracker.  Some of the goals you make this during each month may be less about a project you want to complete and more about habits you want to do daily (or every other day or weekly or whatever).  This habit tracker has really been helping me to keep myself on track with some habits that seem to go by the wayside if I don’t track them (for example, making sure I spend 15 minutes of quality time with my husband almost every evening). Use this tracker to help you build habits that you care about in your life.