Thriving Mom Packages

Are you a mom or soon-to-be mom who really wants to help her family to thrive?  

I love to help moms understand the personality types of their children (from babies to young adults) and to think about how they can best nurture each one’s needs, including their own needs, and build stronger relationships.

I also love to help moms think through how to thrive in other areas of their lives, such as calling/career and marriage.

These packages are great for moms of any amount of children and for children of any age–from one baby to many young adults.  Even if you have only one child, or are pregnant with your first, any of the packages can be used to help you make progress over the months in relating to your family and growing as a person.




See below for package options and then scroll down for more details (prices are in Canadian Dollars):




**If you would would prefer e-mail coaching, I offer the same packages above, but for 1/2 price.  Have a look at “What is E-mail Coaching” here for more details.

More details:

Budding Mom Package:

one month= three 45-minute coaching sessions + thinking through your values for your family + DISC assessment for yourself = $200

In this package, you will really get to know yourself better as a woman and as a mom, learning about your parenting strengths and weaknesses and setting broad goals for how you’d like to connect with your kids and raise your family.

This package is great for those who are already moms, but also for soon-to-be moms, as you learn about your parenting style based on your personality type.  If you are a soon-to-be mom or new mom of a baby, I will also give you information on baby personality types and tips, so when the little one is born you have some ideas of his or her needs and preferences.


Blossoming Mom Package:

three months= two 45-minute coaching sessions/month + thinking through your values for your family + DISC assessments for yourself, your husband and two kids (you can add additional sessions for more kids at a reduced price –see below) = $400

Throughout the weeks of the package, each member of your family will take an on-line personality assessment– including yourself, your husband (if you have one) and each of your children.  For babies or young children, you will do the assessment for them.

During the package, you will think about your hopes and values for your family;  discuss each family member’s needs, strengths and weaknesses (including your own); and begin to strategize ways you can help each person to thrive!

This package of 6 sessions is for a family of 4 (or less people) and is $400, but if you have more than 2 children and you don’t want the six-month Flourishing Mom Package, you can continue this package with one session for each additional child at the reduced price of $40/session.


Flourishing Mom Package

six months= two 45-minute coaching sessions/month + thinking through your values for your family + DISC assessments for yourself, your husband and all children (up to 8 kids, with additional sessions for more children at a reduced price–see below) + 16 Personalities assessment for yourself = $700

This package will help you understand yourself much better, as well as understand your family members better and make some great headway in helping your family to thrive.

You’ll not only learn a lot about the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of each person’s personality type– including yourself–  but also make progress in building relationships, solving issues, and making strides in your personal growth as a woman and mom in whatever areas you’d like to grow–including the area of career/calling and other personal goals.

If you have more than 8 children (wow!), you can add an additional session for each child for the reduced price of $40/child.