Tips to Help You with the Monthly Challenges

  1. You don’t have to join the challenge every single month (but it might be fun if you did).  Perhaps some of the challenges are more important to you than others, and maybe different times of the year will be easier for you to participate. Feel free to mix and match what works for you, although it will probably be more motivating to do the challenges in the same month as others are.   You can scroll down to the bottom of the hub page to read what the challenge for each month will be.  
  2. If you would like to join with me and do all (or many) of the monthly challenges and you would like to be part of a Facebook group where we will support each other as we do the challenges together, send me a note here.  If I get more than 8 requests, I’ll create the Facebook group and let you know 🙂
  3. We aren’t aiming for perfection. I understand that life is messy and sometimes things really do prevent us from making much progress.  Also, we aren’t perfect and all of us make mistakes–such as setting goals that are too high, letting other priorities get in the way, and sometimes just procrastinating too much.  We’ll just seek for progress in the different topic areas, learn what we can from our mistakes, and support and encourage each other in our efforts. Perhaps in mid-month, you can adjust your goals or simply try something else another time that might help you better reach them.
  4. Keeping track of your progress is a huge key to achieving your goals.  It’s easy to set a goal in the beginning, start off well, and then begin to forget, coast, crash and burn.  Something that can visually help you keep your goals in mind is a great idea.  One thing you may want to do is use the 2017 Goals Planner by Marva of Sun Sparkle Shine, which has some great pages to write down your goals for the year and each month. I’ve put up my goals for the year of 2017 on my wall near my desk, and I will also put the goal sheet for the month up in the same place during that month. This will help me keep my goals in mind and keep me inspired throughout the month.
  5. Support and accountability from other people are also important when it comes to making progress on your goals.  Again, if you are interested in the Facebook group, let me know.  You may also want to ask some good friends to check in with you about how things are going periodically, or even do the challenges together!  A life coach can also be a powerful resource for helping you process what’s important in your life, set goals, and strategize ways to meet them.  Check out my Sessions and Packages page if you are interested in life coaching–the Flourish! package may be just what you need to make progress on a certain goal in one month.
  6. No getting down on yourself allowed!  Failure is a part of life and we all make many mistakes daily.  Punishing yourself for your failures (big or little) will almost definitely demoralize you rather than help you do better.  It’s much better to reward yourself for ANY of your efforts, no matter how small.  You deserve it!  Encourage yourself with positive thoughts and words, and reward yourself in little ways for your accomplishments. This will not only genuinely affirm what you did right, but it will help will boost your willingness to try again.  So be good to yourself, learn from your mistakes, perhaps adjust to easier goals, and keep plugging on. You go, girl!
  7.  I’ll include ideas and suggested resources to help you each month as we do the challenge together.  Feel free to pick and choose what you think may help you, or think of your own ideas for resources that you’d like to use.  If you ever have some more ideas for me, let me know!  I’d love to hear about them.  Suggestions on how to make the challenges even better are always welcome, as well.