Ultimate Work At Home Bundle

Do you want to do something you love from home and have a more flexible schedule then simply 9 – 5?

Or are you a mom who wants to spend more time with kids while still making a good income?

The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle is a compilation of excellent resources from people who have found success and fulfillment working from home and want to help you do so as well!

This bundle of resources is worth $2, 300 U.S. but is on sale for $47 U.S. until June 12, at midnight EST.

Resources include:

  • 14 self-paced eCourses to help you discover what kind of work you would enjoy and be good at, as well as steps to begin and be successful. For example, included is a course on using Etsy, as well as one on developing a service to sell. 

  • 30 eBooks (plus, an audiobook) to help you set great goals and reach them in both your work life and personal life.

    Topics include:

  • figuring out what marketable skill you have and what work you’d love
  • how to be a virtual assistant, free-lance writer, mystery shopper, and other types of careers

  • how to find work opportunities without getting scammed

  • great marketing strategies
  • 5 printables to help you plan and balance your work and family life

  • And lots more!

  • Not only that, but I want to include a free 45-minute coaching session (by phone, Skype, or Facetime) for you, if you like, to help you think about what your ideal work at home would look like and next steps to get you there!

    So check out all the different resources available at this link.  Then if it look good to you, jump in and buy the bundle soon because the sale lasts only until June 12 (2017) at midnight. (Just e-mail me after you purchase it to let me know so I can contact you and ask if you’d like a free coaching call from me as part of the bundle.)


I’ve bought different bundles from Ultimate Bundles before, and I’m always pleased with the variety of high-quality resources for such an amazing price.

I’ve bought this one, as well, and am looking forward to learning from the resources and growing in my own at-home business skills in coaching and blogging!

I know that one of the best ways to use a good resource is to receive coaching to help you apply the concepts to your own life and keep you motivated and on track.

So as I mentioned before, if you buy through my affiliate link, you will (if you like) receive a free 45-minute coaching call to help you think about your ideal career from home and/or next steps to get there!! (Just e-mail me after you buy so I have a way to contact you. Thanks!)


So if you decide to the Ultimate Work at Home Bundle, I’ll contact you after you e-mail me to find out if and when you’d like to have a free coaching call to help you clarify your dreams for working from home 🙂

I have so enjoyed my own work-at-home journey with coaching and blogging so far as I watch my son grow up, and I’d be happy to help you get on your way to a fulfilling career from home, as well!

Check it out and see what you think 🙂

–Erica Morrison, Certified Professional Life Coach