You Go, Mom! Package


You want what’s best for your kid(s) and to also nurture your dreams in and outside parenting.  I’d love to help you in your journey.  You choose the topic for each session based on whatever is on your heart.  Potential topics could include:

  • your dreams for your family
  • communication and connecting better with a child
  • looking at your values and priorities and how to make them happen
  • an area you feel stuck in in parenting or life
  • finding time for self-care and to nurture your own dreams

Based on your needs and desires, you may do assessments for yourself and/or your children to discover more about each of your family members, as well, which will be a small additional cost.

Six 45-minute phone/Skype sessions or 6 e-mail exchanges.

Any questions?

Contact me (Erica) here or call 519-697-5048 to book your complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session so we can find out what you are looking for through coaching.